The one thing every kid should master

To live a happier life in the 21st century.

What is this one skill to rule them all and why?

Bill Gates on Project based learning

What Bill Gates has to say

When asked about the project based learning method: "What I love is...that its vision of success is bigger than getting students to master skills in reading, writing, and mathematics... There are also other, very necessary skills that will serve them their entire lives, such as self-confidence šŸ˜Ž, the ability to learn šŸ§ , ability to manage their time ā³, and a sense of direction to help them determine what they want to do with their lives." (Source: on "Prepared" book review)

The most wanted skills by employers for the 21st century

What employers has to say

According to the World Economic Forum "Future of Work" report, the most wanted skills by employers are Problem solving šŸ”Ž, Critical thinking & Creativity šŸ’”. What if if told you that, beside developing these 3 skills, there is one thing kids can learn that will change the way we do just about everything?

Why learning to code is the one skill every kid need?


ā€œI strongly believe every child has to have the opportunity to learn this critical skill,ā€ said ex president Obama. He was referring to coding, or computer science šŸ’». Why? Because it is usually project based, it is problem solving oriented in nature and, combined with the right tools, can make creativity flourish. This is an all-in-one skill, easier to learn than Mandarin, which combines the soft skills that both Bill Gates was talking about and the most wanted skills by employers. It puts kids in control of technology and not the other way around.

How to start learning this critical skill? šŸ¤”

From 5 to 16 years old šŸ‘¶

The key here is to find oneĀ flexible and adaptive tool that can get preschoolers and teenagers alike to learn coding according to their capacities.

It must be fun, else it will fail šŸ’©

Making algorithms in front of the screen that will make a "hello world" text appear is not the way. Getting the kids to learn from solving real life problems and challenges, out of the box, is the only effective way. This is why robotics is the best tool to learn coding, thanks to its motors, sensors and computer interface that will make the process a lot of fun.

Do not break the bank šŸ’°

Getting one adaptive robotics kit without spending too muchĀ can be hard. For example, did you know that the LEGO basic robotic kit costs more than 215 USD? We think you should not spend more than 120 USD on a complete set,Ā and you can start with 50 USD only.

Meet the one robot šŸ¦¾ your kids will need to learn coding

After years of testing and selling STEM Toys, we came to the conclusion that this robot is the BEST value available out there. We love many other products, but this one is just the best balance between flexibility, simplicity, features and price.

Edison robot lego compatible for infinite creations

Lego compatible for infinite creations

This robot allow you to your own LEGO to start building original creations.

All the sensors you need

Start interacting with the real world out of the box thanks to this robotĀ“s built in sensors including light, sound, Infrared emitter and receiver and line tracking.

Resistant to the most extreme conditions

A car can even roll over this robot and it will be unscattered. It will probably survive your kids!

Easily expansible powers

By combining more than one of this robot, you can take on an infinite number of challenges as each one can communicate between each otherĀ trhough Infrared.

5 Programming Languages for free

This robot comes with 5 programming languagesĀ  interfaces: Barcodes, Blocks, Scratch, Python and Javascript. A web based interface is provided for free.

Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Chromebook compatible

Thanks to itsĀ unique way to sync through an audio cable, this robot is compatible with any computer or tablet that has an audio jack available.

You are not alone: lessons plan

This robot comes with a full lessons plan for hundreds of hours of fun and engaged learning. The lessons plans are progressive and divided by age groups. Depending on the age, the kids can advance autonomously through the lessons.

Testimonials ā­ā­ā­ā­

Most comprehensive way for parents to guide their kids through coding and for kids to get excited about it! I donā€™t need fancy. I need what works. This is perfect, seems indestructible and only $50 for the Edison!

Isaac Yung

Edison is durable and easy to use. The lesson plans are well written and easy to follow. Customer service is excellent.

Teresa Hodges

Great device. Really fun to use and test with the kiddo.

Seth Gering

Edison Educational Robot for STEM activities


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