Edison The Programable Robot for Everyone

True robotics education brought to life

The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching kids computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way.

With more built-in sensors than any robot in its class as well as lights, sounds, and autonomous behavior capabilities, Edison makes true robotics education accessible to students of all ages. 

Not just a remote-controlled robot, Edison can:

  • Respond to light and sound
  • Follow lines and avoid obstacles
  • Communicate with other Edison robots
  • Connect to other Edison robots and LEGO bricks
  • And so much more!

Edison’s robotics capabilities can be unlocked with ease through simple barcode programs. Students can then progress their robotics, coding and STEM education journeys using Edison with three progressive programming languages. 

Edison can also be used to build and invent as the programmable base for an incredible range of engineering and STEM projects thanks to Edison’s expandable robotics system whic works with LEGO bricks. 

STEM education for all ages

Children as young as four years old can begin to explore the STEM education topics of coding and robotics using Edison’s pre-set programs and remote-control operation capabilities. Older students can learn the fundamentals of coding as they progress from drag-and-drop icon-based programming all the way through to coding in a vertical text-based language.

Remote control and barcodes

ages: 4+ with adult help

Graphic language

ages: 7-12

Hybrid language

ages: 11-13

Python language

ages: 13+

“Our students are really engaged using the Edison robots. We’ve found the robots to be easy to use by a wide range of students and teachers. Students have appreciated the robots’ functionality and I have appreciated how robust and adaptable they are, having used the robots from Y1 (5-year-olds) upwards. I think the price point is exceptional and the adaptability with LEGO bricks is excellent.”

– Myles Webb – Deputy Principal at Auroa Primary School, New Zealand


Support and resources for educators 

Teachers, parents and educators are supported throughout their student’s Edison journey every step of the way with free teaching resources available for each programming language.

Resources include lesson plans, teacher guides, student worksheets, activity sheets, and video tutorials.

With our easy-to-follow Getting started with Edison guide, plus ongoing technical support and a 12-month warranty, Edison makes it easy to bring robotics and programming education into your classroom.

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