Discovering The Science Behind Magic

While magic and magic tricks are amazing, we must understand that there is science behind it. Magic’s development in a systematic manner throughout the years takes the form of science. For the greatest part, magicians and alchemists of the past were deceiving their spectators with the help of science. If you’re not aware of some chemistry principles, seeing water instantly turn into oil would look like sorcery. 

The telekinesis concept is pretty awesome but it’s very difficult to do. However, every magic trick that involves moving things with the mind, can be explained either by a sleight of hand or with the help of physics. Where magicians fall short, science delivers, and the relationship between science and magic is bidirectional. 

Magicians make use of the principles of science when performing illusions. They use the principles of physics, chemistry, and psychology as well as engineering and linguistics just to name a few. On the other hand, scientists study what these magicians do. Like for example, occupational therapists teach people magic tricks in order to help them improve their lives. 


Magic versus Science

Magic can engage anyone since magicians seem to be breaking some laws of physics. Up until recently, scientists and magicians were lumped together for their capabilities to create something incredible with physical objects.

Every magic we see is and can be explained by science. But can science be considered magic? Well, science is just like magic since it can make impossible seem possible. Furthermore, the tools used by scientists are unfamiliar to most of us and there are only a few ones who can perform scientific experiments, especially complex ones.

Scientists come up with theories and then set up experiments, test them, and come up with conclusions. Everything that science teaches us and our kids have been tested and observed. Chemistry and physics use the language of math, while biology is life’s book of history.

Magic is a word that most people use when they don’t understand why or how something happens. But when we grasp and understand its concept and can recreate and prove it, it then becomes scientific.

The Fun Way of Learning Science through Magic Tricks

Magic science kits are an amazing way for kids to be interested in science while keeping everyone entertained. After all, who doesn’t want to learn the science behind magic?

There are many kits available online that you can purchase in order for your kids to learn science in an exciting way. One of the best resources for any wizard-in-training is Scientific Explorer’s Magic Science For Wizards. This is a unique and educational do-it-yourself kit that will teach your kids about the science behind magic.

It’s a fun and informative way to unleash the magician within themselves while sparking their interest in science. It includes fantastic activities like creating a Wizard Wand, Magic Hat, Fizzy Frenzy, Hocus Pocus Powder, Test Tube Crystal Ball, Magic Lava Wand and more. The kit is ideal for kids 6 years and up with adult supervision. 

While science is often deemed to be magic, magical phenomena are often explained with science. Science Magic Experiment Kit is an enjoyable way for kids to discover scientific principles and occurrences by doing stimulating tricks and exciting performances for an audience.

The kit features 50 easy-to-follow tricks that come with scientific explanations behind them, even if they seem to be defying the laws of physics and nature. Some if these tricks include changing color of water, making objects appear as if moving on their own, bend metal with water and air, catch bubbles in their hand and so much more cool tricks that everyone will be amazed at.

You can teach your children to love learning science through magic science tricks. They will be able to understand how molecules work or why certain chemicals react differently when combined together by simply using ingredients and tools found around their home. Children can perform and share numerous magic tricks with their friends and family and use science to enhance their magic show. This is a great way to help strengthen the knowledge they have gained, while teaching other kids about the wonderful world of science.

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