Engineering STEM Toys

The greatest structures in the world started as a spark of imagination.  Find tons of great educational STEM Toys that focus on finding fun and innovative ways to keep your kids engaged while learning the basics of Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering!  From building bridges, the links, levers, gears, and drives that make it possible to build those bridges or even the electrical circuits that drive the machines that are responsible for building mega-structures, The STEM Store has the activities that will keep your young architect busy for hours while building the foundation needed to pursue their interest in engineering!
Snap Circuits STEM on sale for $44.06 Save 10%

Snap Circuits STEM

Magnetic Levitation Express on sale for $53.09 Save 10%
Take Apart Crane Save 10%

Take Apart Crane

Solar Mechanics Save 50%

Solar Mechanics

14-in-1 Solar Robot Save 16%

14-in-1 Solar Robot

Engino Stem Mechanics:  Gears & Worm Drives Save 10%
Our Amazing Bridges Save 10%

Our Amazing Bridges

Da Vinci Self-propelled Cart Save 10%
Remote-Control Machines: Animals Save 2%
Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Save 10%
EM4 Robot on sale for $24.26 Save 10%

EM4 Robot

Catapults & Crossbows Save 10%
Geckobot Save 10%


Intro to Engineering Save 10%
Wind Power 3.0 Sold out

Wind Power 3.0

T4 Transforming Solar Robot Save 10%
Take Apart Airplane Save 15%

Take Apart Airplane

Wind Power 2.0 on sale for $45.86 Save 10%

Wind Power 2.0

Snap Circuits Strobe Light and Sound Save 10%
Solar Wild Boar Save 10%

Solar Wild Boar

Salt Water Fuel Cell Baja Runner Save 10%
Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Save 10%