K'NEX Education Simple Machines - Classroom Pack of 6 - for 12-18 Students - Elementary Education Set

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Product type: DIY & Invention kits

Vendor: K'NEX Education

Tags: Ages 12 - 16+, Ages 8 - 11+, Boys, Girls



  • 6 simple machines kits - this collection of 6 kits accommodates 12 to 18 elementary school students. Teams of 2 to 3 students can be using different kits at the same time.
  • Interactive learning – students build real world replicas of simple machines, then see STEM concepts come to life as they progress through the inquiry-based lessons.
  • STEM concepts in action – students learn about gear ratios, gear systems, mechanical advantage, energy transfer, pulley systems, lever classes, wedges, screws, and so much more!
  • Convenient storage trays – each of the 6 sets is packaged in a handy, reusable tray with a snap-on lid for easy classroom storage and organization.
  • Standards-aligned lesson plans – all six sets include a comprehensive guide written by expert educators featuring hands-on, inquiry-based projects that engage students in today’s busy classroom.