Young Architect City Planner

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Scientific Explorer Young Architect City Planner helps you find the best city in the world! Design and build your dream city like an Urban Planner. Use colored pencils, templates and traceables to design and layout your town, then organize your 3D buildings. Create your own unique buildings by stacking 7 different structures innumerable ways! Add vinyl cling facades to detail offices, apartments, stores, fire stations and more. Includes 12 tall buildings, 15 wide buildings, 22 small buildings, 5 steeple caps, 5 chimney caps, 5 dome caps, 5 slanted caps, 4 bridge ends, 2 bridge centers, 6 sheets of paper (17.3in. x 22in.), traceable city guide,foldable mat base (18in. x 24in.), acetate stencil sheet, 75 peel and stick decals, 3 colored pencils and easy instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.