Whybricks - an educational construction set to learn physical science

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Product type: DIY & Invention kits

Vendor: Microbric

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Whybricks is an educational construction set that helps bring physical science concepts to life for students and teachers.

Containing 2,100 interlocking building blocks, beams, pegs, gears, and other parts, Whybricks is affordable enough for an entire class to work individually or in pairs. Whybricks activities make use of captivating physical builds and engaging worksheets and investigations to help keep students engaged and excited from start to end.

  • Each Whybricks kit contains interlocking building blocks, beams, pegs, gears, and other parts
  • Inclusive materials help inspire all students and promote opportunities for every type of learner
  • The individual Whybricks pieces are designed with studs and holes, which work with any LEGO brick-compatible building system
  • Flexible classroom management options for 10 students working independently
  • Aligned to physical science curricula – late elementary, middle school, and early high school years
  • Access to free lessons and teacher’s guides, plus student materials written at grade-appropriate reading levels