Solar System Sun Earth Moon Orbital Planetarium Model with Light Kids

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  • Sun: it is a red plastic with a light bulb, which is the center of the center of the earth and other high. the earth can observe the seven continents, four oceans, tropic, south of the Arctic Circle, the equator and the international date line etc.. the moon: the height of the center and the center of the earth. The instrument of the day, the earth, the size of the moon can not be made according to the actual proportion, so the ecliptic plane angle appropriate amplification.
  • Three ball instrument is a vivid portrayal of visual teaching instrument between day, month relative motion, the relative position of the utility model can simulate the day, three months in space, and the image that the running state of the earth, the moon, the scientific explanation of various natural phenomena arising therefrom. Therefore, it is an indispensable auxiliary teaching tool to overcome the abstract teaching, deepen the students to master the law of celestial motion change
  • 1.The earth's rotation and revolution 2.The moon's revolution(day and night twilight in the same place at the same time every day and night twilight. 3.Because the earth always leaned over the revolution and rotation, the northern hemisphere winter day short night long, summer nights are short. In contrast to the southern hemisphere. 4.Four seasons and cold climate changes in the moon. 5.Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. 6.Twenty-four solar terms
  • Four seasons: the four seasons and twenty-four solar terms, order and date. moon phase expressed the phase position and day and night on earth. Pointer: the earth revolution, indicating the earth's seasons and solar terms. rotating components: mounted on the base shaft rotation, one end of the operating handle, the other end of the month, the operation of the gear group.
  • Rotary table: to support the entire instrument. the handle is connected with the central pipe sleeve of the sun, and the push handle can be started to rotate the gear assembly to carry out demonstration.