Piper Computer Kit - Education 10 Pack with 1 Year Online License to Premium Curriculum.

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Vendor: Piper

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Introducing Piper's 10-pack of the award-winning Piper Computer Kit, intended for use in any makerspace, camp, or classroom.
The Piper Classroom Bundle is the ideal project-based learning solution for teaching computer science and STEAM. The Piper Classroom Bundle features the next generation Piper Computer Kit that has been upgraded and re-engineered for greater student engagement and deeper learning.

  • 10x Piper Computer Kits
  • 3x Spare Parts Kits
  • 1x 10-port USB Charger
  • 1 Hour Virtual Professional Development
  • 1 Year License to the Piper Premium Curriculum with online lesson plans, teacher support materials, and more.