Microscope 40X-320X, Live Cell Observation + Slice Observation | 15 Slides + Smartphone Adapter + Other Free Kits for Kids and Beginner at Home or School

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  • ※ 2 Observation Methods - With a powerful inverted optical system, TELMU microscope can help you observe live cell of aquatic organisms such as algae in petri dishs or flasks, and explore more valuable cell life processes. And you can use this inverted microscope to observe sectioned cells.
  • ※ 40X-320X Magnification - This biological microscope is equipped with 2 eyepieces (10x, 16x) and 3 objectives (4x, 10x and 20x). 6 magnifications (40X, 64x, 100X, 160x, 200X and 320X) allow you to freely observe the living cells or sections you are interested in.
  • ※ Record Beautiful Moments - The included smartphone adapter allows you to record the beauty of life with phone's photo or video. In addition, the magnified imaging avoids eye discomfort caused by direct observation for a long time, and it’s convenient for you to share this wonderful moment with your family or friends.
  • ※ Key to Children's Curiosity - This is definitely the best gift for your children! Scientific gifts can arouse children's interest and thinking about nature, enhance their creativity and let them put down electronic products to embrace nature. Let your children explore the world on their own!
  • ※ Free Extra Gifts - TELMU microscope kit is carefully prepared for you, it includes all basic tools required for using the microscope(10 blank slides, 5 prefabricated specimens, 1 measuring cup, 1 long metal scalpel, 1 cover glass, 1 smartphone adapter, 1 plastic tweezer and 2 collection bottles). TELMU microscope will accompany you all the time on the road to exploring nature!