Germs in Space Allows Students to Compare Results with Astronauts | Our Bacteria Test Kit Includes Guidebook for Science Projects

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DREAMKITS Germs in Space bring space based research to the home and classroom; DreamKits allow science kids to conduct awesome space based STEM experiments and include a detailed scientific workbook, and, access to an online portal to compare results on Earth with the results from the International Space Station; This is fun stuff that makes the perfect kids present for parents or grandparents looking for science projects for kids. 

 THE ONLINE PORTAL The portal is what sets DreamKit apart from other science toys and kits on Amazon. The portal is a comprehensive site for teachers and students to explore and learn about exploration in space. Exclusive access allows you to compare the results of your experiment with the results the astronauts found in space. You will see pictures of the Petri dishes exactly as the space explorers on ISS saw them every day during the 15 day research project. There is great photography and lots of cool information to read and explore, including bonus space activities and projects. 

THE WORKBOOK The Exploration Guide introduces how space explorers conduct experiments on the ISS. See first hand the difference in how microbes grow in microgravity vs the gravity of Earth. Conducting hands on experiments and comparing the results against the actual experiment conducted by astronauts, students will become engaged and excited to explore the realm of space exploration, as well as all STEM disciplines. DreamKits include sterile petri dishes with lids, nutrient powdered agar, tape, disposable apron, swabs, pairs of gloves, zip top bags and the Germs in Space Exploration Guide. Other materials needed: water; microwave safe container or hotplate and Beaker or Flask; stirring utensil; pot holder; thermometer; magnifying glass; microscope; marker.