Edison Robot Creators Home Bundle - EdSTEM

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Elected "most versatile and affordable STEM Toys" by TheSTEMStore.com, this bundle unlocks the full potential of Edison Robot, including using IR messaging between robots, sumo wrestling and interactive programmable robotics builds with the EdSTEM Home Pack which includes 2 Edison robots, 2 EdComm programming cables and 1 EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kit at a bundle-pack discount, reducing the cost per product in this bundle. This is one of the favorite STEM Toys of The STEM Store!

The EdSTEM Home Pack contains 2 Edison robots, 2 EdComm programming cables and 1 EdCreate kit:

2 Edison robots    Edison V2.0 Educational RobotEdison V2.0 Educational Robot
2 EdComm cables     EdCommRuggedEdCommRugged
1 EdCreate kit Pack of EdCreate
1 PDF guide


Includes a PDF with instructions for all 5 builds, tenths of hours of lesson plans, and STEM challenges. It will be emailed to you after the purchase.

 NOTE: The EdComm cable is stored inside the battery compartment of each Edison robot during shipping.