Bath Crayons

by Messy Play Kits

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These washable Bath Crayons make bath time so much more fun! The small size makes it easy for young children to grasp, and the bright colors are easily washable off tile, enamel tubs, and skin. They are made from soap, so they are totally skin-safe and washable and won't leave a residue! This is a set of 6 crayons in rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The tops on the bath crayons are a choking hazard, so these crayons are for ages 3+, or for younger children if you remove the tops before giving it to them. The crayons work better on some bathtubs and tile and not as well on other types.

Test them on a small section of tile to make sure they wash off your particular tub and tile.