Robotics STEM Toys

Whether you are looking to build a small robot at home to learn the basic concepts of robotics, or you're building for a robotics competition, The STEM Store has a kit for you.  Robots are revolutionizing the world around us.  They can be found on manufacturing production lines, in operating rooms, and even right next to you on the road if you happen to be in a city where autonomous vehicles are popping up on highways.  With so many robotics kits to choose from, it's easy to find just the right one to peak the interest of your young robotics engineer.
Edison Robot Save 70%

Edison Robot

from $39.00
14-in-1 Solar Robot Save 16%

14-in-1 Solar Robot

EM4 Robot on sale for $24.26 Save 10%

EM4 Robot

Geckobot Save 10%


Robotic Arm Edge Save 10%

Robotic Arm Edge

USB Interface for Robotic Arm Save 10%
Hydraulic Arm Edge Save 10%

Hydraulic Arm Edge

Solar Space Fleet Save 10%

Solar Space Fleet

Captain Roam-e-o Save 10%

Captain Roam-e-o

Kingii Dragon Robot - infrared robotic kit on sale for $49.10 Save 10%
T4 Transforming Solar Robot Save 10%
Remote-Control Machines: Animals Save 2%
ATR - All Terrain Robot Save 10%
ROBOTICS BT Smart Beginner Set Save 10%
Solar Wild Boar Save 10%

Solar Wild Boar

Green Life Save 10%

Green Life

ROBOTICS TXT Explorer Save 10%


ROBOTICS TXT Automation Robots Save 10%
ROBOTICS TXT ElectroPneumatic Save 10%
ROBOTICS TXT Controller Save 10%
ROBO Pro Software Sold out

ROBO Pro Software

ROBOTICS TXT Discovery Set Save 10%
ROBOTICS Mini Bots Save 10%


Penguin Life Save 10%

Penguin Life