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14-in-1 Solar Robot
Edison Robot

Edison Robot

from $49.00
EM4 Robot
Ooze Labs 3: Magic Sand
Ooze Labs 4: Hypercolor Slime
Ooze Labs 1: Magnetic Slime
Tiny Polka Dot
Engino Discovering STEM Newton's Laws Inertia on sale for $34.19
Ooze Labs 5: Glow-in-the-Dark Slime
Candy Chemistry
Intro to Engineering
Newtons Cradle
Ooze Labs 2: Hot Ice Crystals
Engino Stem Mechanics:  Gears & Worm Drives
Snap Circuits STEM on sale for $44.06 Save 9%

Snap Circuits STEM

Barbie STEM Kit (with Nikki Scientist Doll)
Remote-Control Machines: Animals
Electricity & Magnetism
World's Greatest Magic Show (with 415 Tricks)


Salt Water Fuel Cell Car
Botany - Experimental Greenhouse
Wind Power 2.0 on sale for $45.86