10 Pack MudWatt: Clean Energy from Mud! Classroom size

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  • A BIO-ENERGY PET: This Award-winning STEM kit lets you build your own living fuel cell that feeds on soil!
  • FUN: Light up an LED and power a clock using microbe power. The more microbes you grow, the faster the LED blinks!
  • ENGAGING: Experiment by adding stuff from your fridge (like Gatorade) to maximize your MudWatt's power
  • SMART: Track the growth of your microbe population and unlock chapters of "The Electric Microbe" comic book with the free MudWatt Explorer App

Discover the POWER beneath your feet!

MudWatt engages kids in STEM in a whole new way, using the power of electricity-generating bacteria living in the soil beneath our feet!

(MudWatts are reusable and can last for years!)

Kids experiment with different types of soil (and food from the fridge) to maximize their power output. The MudWatt Explorer App lets kids measure their power, track their MudWatt’s bacteria growth, and unlock an awesome educational comic book!

Microbiology, Energy, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Engineering, all in one experience!

    Find out the nitty gritty on how MudWatt works.

    Activity Duration:

    • Building your MudWatt:  30-45 Minutes
    • Measuring your MudWatt's growth:  Once per day for 2 weeks
    • Analyzing data: 30 Minutes
    • Keeping it blinking:  Can last up to decades!

    Classroom Pack Includes:

    • 10 Complete MudWatt Units (10 Anodes, 10 Cathodes, 10 Vessels, 10 BlinkerBoards, 3 Digital Clocks)  

    • 10 Pairs of Alligator Cables and Jumper Wires (for connecting MudWatts together)
    • 10 20-Page Educational/Instruction Booklets
    • 10 Pairs of Black Nitrile Gloves

    • MudWatt Explorer App (available on iTunes and Google Play)