Top 5 STEM Toys to Prepare Kids for Technology Careers

Both parents and educators recognize the importance of STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, education for young people.  However, for both parents and educators alike, knowing where to start can be a major challenge.

Luckily, there are several STEM Toys and activities that make learning about STEM Technology fun and easy.  We put together a list of our favorite STEM toys that provide hours of fun while also preparing kids with the basic skills they need to pursue further education, and eventually a career in technology.


Edison – The robot for everyone. Edison is a programmable robot that can help teach kids as young as 4 years old, the basics of computer programming.  Edison is programmable IoT, or Internet of Things, a device that teaches kids both programming and IoT concepts.  Nothing is changing our world quite as quickly as the explosion of connected devices.  Each day we expect more and more from our things.  In the morning, my scale checks my weight, BMI, heart rate and sends it to my phone’s health app.  The Health app is tracking how often I exercise (and reminding me when I forget) and connects to my watch to monitor my activity level through the day.  Edison empowers kids to understand how devices work and allow them to start imagining how they could become the next disrupter in the tech industry by creating their own IoT devices.

CoDrone Lite CoDrone Lite is fun, friendly drag & drop programming app for young programmers to learn coding skills to fly their own drone.  Kids can program the CoDrone Lite to fly within minutes by snapping program blocks together. CoDrone provides easy-to-follow tutorial videos that kids can use to get their CoDrone flying easily.  You can program your CoDrone to follow an autonomous path, go bowling, engage in laser battles, anything!   Companies like Nvidia, Google, Uber, Amazon, are putting great effort into technologies such as drones and other autonomous vehicles.  With CoDrone Lite kids can start to see themselves as the next technology leaders in these fields.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Eco-friendly, alternative fuel automobiles are undoubtedly the way of the future. In states like California, Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles are already being sold and there are enough Hydrogen stations in the state to easily drive through the entire state.  With the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit kids learn about the science behind actual fuel cell cars by breaking down Water into its Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules using Solar Power.  The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit will help your child understand the concepts such as the effects of heat and shade on solar panels, finding solar panels maximum power point, Generating Electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen, Increasing Energy Efficiency, and so much more!

Wind Power 2.0 As the push for renewable energy continues nationwide and around the world, Wind Power has become a prevalent piece of the energy portfolio of most states. Kids can experiment with multiple size and types of wind turbine blades, blade angles, as well as different types and sizes of gears to understand how wind power works and test ways to maximize the efficiency of wind turbines.

Prime Climb – One of the essential skills in technology is a strong understanding of Mathematical concepts.  With Math For Love’s  board game Prime Climb, kids are able to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and of course, prime numbers, as they work their way to the center of the game board.  Prime Climb is perfect for families or schools and can be a great game and learning tool for kids as young as 6 with help from an adult and will help kids ages 10 – 110 years old sharpen their math skills!

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